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If you are reading this, you are already a special kind of person.

The kind of person who's interests are so diverse that you are inspired by traveling the world & have the ambition to give back while doing it. 

These photo's were all taken at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a nearby Hill-tribe Village.

I created this post to inspire you to travel the world & get informed on how to truly make an impact. To find out exactly how to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park, click here.

Watch a family of Elephants play freely in the mud

Feed baby Buffalo in the Veterinary Student Volunteer Program

Sleep soundly in the bug-free accommodations at the Park with the Elephants

Enjoy breathtaking views of the park with Elephants and Buffalo in the distance

Help clean an Elephants foot that has been injured by a landmine

Assist in making gourmet salads for the Elephants

Enjoy a buffet style vegetarian menu three times a day

Represent a cause you believe in!

Volunteer with the small animals and enjoy walks with the disabled dogs

Observe baby Buffalo in their natural habitat

Be a part of new babies being born everyday

Relax with the felines in the Cat Kingdom

Assist the Veterinarian in Medical Treatments and learn from the Elephant trainers

Come home with rewarding souvenirs that you earned

Meet beautiful children from the local hilltribe villages

Cheers to your successes after a day of rewarding hard work

Learn to work with many kinds of creatures in Thailand

Kiss an Elephant

Meet like-minded people from all over the globe

Grow your passion and love for all animals

There are Many Reasons to Become a Traveling Volunteer

From the experiences you’ll gain to the people you’ll meet to the places you’ll see, volunteering around the globe has endless rewards. But more important than personal fulfillment is giving back to the world you are so blessed to be a part of.


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How to Become an Elephant Volunteer

Elephant Nature Park

Save the Elephant Foundation

Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

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