Foster Pets in Puerto Vallarta July 2018 • My Deztination

“In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.” –Derek Bruce

Something my Mom used to always say to me when I was little as I'd leave the house to go play at the park:

"Now don't bring home another animal!" 

Not that I'm that crazy cat lady, well....I may be crazy, I just I haven't established full Cat Lady status yet

Though still, I can't resist a kitten covered in mud, feces & some sort of black tar that took weeks & several baths to finally come clean. 

So of course, as history would have it, I brought him home.

* Little Meow *

This is "Little Meow", for lack of a better temporary name. 

I emphasis temporary because I'm searching for a home for him.

I am, I promise. Totally. Yep.  

I mean he is so darn cute...

...said the cat lady


All jokes aside, this kitten adapted quite well to our little home. Pictured below with his almost clean self is my 14 year old dobie/blood hound mix & travel companion Myra, who is yes, wearing a pink diaper. 

Don't ask. It's a girl thing. 


Now Little Meow spends his days needing Myra's back while she lays on the floor, chasing everything that moves & finally, freakin' finally learning how to use a litter box. 


* Lucky *

Lucky girl had it even worse. 

Found hog tied by each limb to all four corners of the bed of a pick-up truck, one anonymous angel cut her lose & brought her to a veterinarian for a check up. 

Soon after she was brought to my home where she would spend her days until my friend & I could find her a place with a loving family. 


Luckily (ha, get it?), Lucky adapted well in spite of my slightly suspicious pup Myra. She knows my history of bringing animals home & was a little suspect of this new arrival. 


Within 3 days, Lucky introduced herself to a local couple while we played on the beach, & they were in love in seconds. 

From there they took her home & now Lucky lives a full & cared for life. 


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