About My Deztination

Aloha! I'm Dez, a travel writer, conservationist, & founder of this solo female travel & ecotourism blog - My Deztination

So, what exactly is Ecotourism?

Simply put, it is tourism focused toward often threatened, exotic natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.

Mix that together with ambition, curiosity & my ever weighing need to constantly explore & BAM! My blog was born. 

The corporate world wasn't suitable for me, so I gave up my executive career in Hawaii to travel the world, volunteer with verified causes & inspire others to do it, too!

Since then, I've dedicated my life to working with a variety of endangered species & sharing with my readers how to advocate for important causes around the globe!

I have created this blog to work as a middle ground between man & animal, connecting people with causes & bringing awareness to responsible tourism. 

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my Mission

To show you how to travel the world & truly make a difference while doing it.
— Dez

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

This is Khamla, a baby elephant suffering from a form of herpes virus deadly to Asian elephants. Because Khamla refused to take his medications orally, the veterinary team administered the antiviral rectally throughout the day and night. 



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