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Elephant Nature Park

Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar

Work with baby elephants, veterinarians & elephant trainers when volunteering in the veterinary student/assistant program at the Elephant Nature Park.

Volunteers and visitors contribute to the animals healing while learning about their lives past and present. Arrange a visit to all of their projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.  

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Combat Flip Flops

Their Mission:

“To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Our willingness to take bold risks, community connection, and distinct designs communicate, "Business, Not Bullets"--flipping the view on how wars are won. Through persistence, respect, and creativity, we empower the mindful consumer to manufacture peace through trade.”

How they’re helping:

  • Grow entrepreneurs in conflict areas

  • Build Communities

  • Fund women's education


As seen on ABC’s hit T.V. show: Shark Tank

The Honolulu Zoo

Oahu, Hawaii

Volunteering at the Honolulu Zoo is a great way to learn about animals, support a beloved community institution, meet new friends, work outdoors in a lush tropical environment, gain valuable experience, interact with Zoo visitors from around the world, and have a wonderful time with fellow animal lovers!                   

The Maui Humane Society

Maui, Hawaii

This Volunteer Program is absolutely vital to the success of Maui Humane Society.
Visitors can offer one of their chosen 'Beach Buddies' a day of fun out of the shelter every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm, or set up doggie adoption dates with the public!

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volunteering at the Elephant

nature park, thailand

Khamla, a baby elephant suffering from a form of herpes virus deadly to Asian Elephants, struggles to take the medications that could save his life.

Because he refused to take his medications orally, the veterinary team and myself administered the antiviral rectally throughout the day and night. 

All elephants under 10 years of age are tested weakly at the Elephant Nature Park. If the virus isn't caught immediately, it can be fatal in as little as 12 hours.