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Who We Are

My Deztination was created by Dez Kjolseth, a former marketing executive that was living in Hawaii before she gave up her career to fulfill her passion - advocating for responsible tourism, decreasing the negative effects on the wildlife, local community & the environment.

What We Do

After traveling the world seeking causes she believed in, she discovered a terrifying realization: 

A darker tourism industry existed that exploited wildlife, the local community & the environment in a drastically negative way. Endangered species among other wildlife were exploited for tourist attractions such as inhumane elephant rides, tigers drugged to lay with tourists and monkeys living their lives in chains just for a photograph. Babies as young as five walked the streets selling bracelets while other children danced with fire.

Around the world these animals, children & the communities were suffering, starved, over worked and neglected their entire lives. 

How She's Helping

She knew the only way to make a difference was to raise awareness & provide a positive, fun alternative that didn't take away from the experience.

"Without someone telling you what the elephants have gone through to accept the rides, how are you supposed to know you shouldn't ride the elephants in Thailand?" 

She knew then it was her mission to inspire people to travel the world, influence them to experience the culture responsibly & give them the unforgettable memories to share with their families when they'd returned home.

She then decided to integrate her marketing skills with her passion to advocate for these animals, and so this blog was born. 

Together we can truly make a difference - one country at a time.


To show you how to travel the world & truly make a difference while doing it.
— Dez

From the Founder

"I created My Deztination to inspire people to travel the world, give them the informative tips to do it & influence travelers to experience culture responsibly." 

"Through my blog, I want to show people how to combine adventure & awareness, teach travelers how to seek out verified attractions & connect people with causes.

Adopt a Dog Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Adopt a Dog Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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