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Las Vegas markets its Sinful City as one of the most budget friendly destinations in the county, with cheap flights, package deals & the enticing offer of free alcohol.

But is Vegas really a destination for budget travelers? Furthermore, is it really worth the money?

I spent four days in the Sin City and came out with less money than I'd left with & a whole new perspective on what I like to do when I travel.

As glitz & glam as the lit little strip may be, its paradise lies only inside the massive hotels, smoke filled casino's & overpriced restaurants. 

This is a city, however, that should be seen at least once in a lifetime; I highly recommend taking someone you can always have a great time with & enjoys late nights. 

Still, most will agree that Las Vegas is a town that is best spent in short stints with lots of cash & the freedom to let lose. 

And let's not forget the inevitable hangover that comes with it.

Plan for it! 

Here's the breakdown cost for 3 nights in Las Vegas in USD:

Flights:1 Person round trip to Las Vegas from Washington $200

Airport Meals: 2 meals including alcohol $75

In Flight Beverage Purchase: $8

Spa Day: Full highlights, 80 min massage & exfoliate at the Golden Nugget $400 (incl. tip)

Meals: 2 Meals each daily for 2 days $180

Hotel Accommodation: 3 Nights $300

Uber: To & from the airport plus throughout old & new Vegas $100 (Mostly Ride Shares)

Gambling: Mostly slot machines $300

Alcohol: Mostly for refills on the go $80

Snacks/Souvenirs: $50

Battery Replacement: e-cig replacement $15

Safari: NOT Recommended, see below $44

Other Entertainment: $110


Total: $1,862.00

Budget Tips:

  • Choose restaurants outside of the strip & closer to Fremont Street
  • Use Uber or Lyft instead of taxi services (truly 1/4 the price!)
  • Alcohol is still mostly free in Las Vegas, but it's actually cheaper to buy your drinks at the bar as opposed to hanging at slot machines waiting for cocktails. You'll spend $20/drink quickly filling the machines.
  • Buy a bottle of vodka & tomato juice at the ABC store & get ice from your hotel to make Bloody Mary's on the go!
  • Choose accommodations in Old Vegas vs. New Vegas
  • Be careful buying alcohol at airports or on planes. Those costs always get me.
  • I seriously love ABC stores. Grab snacks/souvenirs on the go from them. Anything you need, I swear they probably have it.
  • Budget the amount of money you want to spend on gambling & stick to it. This is how Vegas funds all those fancy lights...
  • Bring cash or see if your bank has a local branch that's easy to access. ATM fee's are much higher in Vegas & will literally nickle & dime you to death. Or debt. One of the two.
  • Do not spend any money on Safari's. Period. See below for things to avoid. 

Things to Avoid:

At the Mandalay Bay you can visit their Safari for $22 per person. As I mentioned above, I do not recommend it. 

2017-01-24 16.24.07.jpg

It is absolutely heart breaking to see the giant cats held in cages smaller than my apartment.

I don't recommend supporting this type of tourist attraction as it only feeds the industry and keeps these animals in captivity longer.

It's sad that animals are still used for entertainment in the United States, and unfortunately this "Safari" is one of this cruel industries greatest contributors. 

For more information on how you can help with ecotourism, click the button below:

The Travel Realization:

One of the best things about traveling solo around the world is you get a chance to learn what type of traveler you are. 

For example,

Are you the laze by the pool all day type of traveler? (Click for your next deztination)

How about the always on the go type who never wants to waste a minute? Click here

Or the stay out late & dance type of traveler, sleeping away the daylight? Click here

Personally, I like to enjoy the daylight, expel the majority of my energy on hikes & outdoors, & am most impressed with natural wonders vs. man made.

I also love volunteering with wildlife conservation projects around the globe

Once you know these little things about yourself, you'll better be able to narrow where you'd like to go & we be time best spent with.

So with that being said, here's..

The Verdict:

Overall, I'd have to give Las Vegas about a 2 out of 10 on most intriguing places in the world to visit. Probably a 5 in the U.S., Grand Canyon beating it with a 6. 

It really depends on the type of traveler you are & budget available, but Las Vegas isn't a cheap place to visit & really only has a few major types of entertainment. Once you've done one, you've done them all. 

At a whopping $1,862.00 for 2 people, 3 nights, I'd have to say Vegas isn't a place for budget travelers, & is truly only paradise to those who like late nights & gambling. 

I lived in Thailand for a month like a king on less than that. 

Check it out once, cross it off your bucket list, then head on out & see the rest of the world!

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