Dreams really do come true with this chocolate spa & natural hotspring in Mexico

The Organic Spa

Have you been to the natural hot springs & organic Spa Termal Tlalocan at Hotel Balneario San Juan Cosalá yet?!

We freakin loved it!!


The Ambiance

This day spa offered 6 heavenly hot spring pools filled with different organic items designed to leave your skin feeling like silk!


The property was decorated with gorgeous fresh flowers, natural steam holes with essential oils for facials & aroma therapy, and caves with saunas, hot baths and eucalyptus filled steam rooms.


The Pools

We started with the apple cider vinegar pool, followed by a fresh flower bath, then continued with each of the natural hotspring filled pools of algae & minerals, oatmeal scrub, chocolate (no joke!) & finally the mud bath!!


The pools were warm and they offered showers in between each of them to avoid contamination.

The chocolate spa

The chocolate spa

The Mud

After rinsing off from each of the pools we were given soft mud filled with minerals from the natural hotsprings and instructed to rub it all over our bodies!

The mud therapy helps to detoxify the joints in your body by getting red of toxins and reduce stress and strains through its cleansing therapy. Its a fantastic way to revitalize the skin, improving how you look and feel!


The mud dried quickly while we layed in the sun next to Lake Chapala, leaving a thick casing on our skin that felt so strange! Once we rinsed off the mud our skin was so soft, pores were smaller and we both looked 10 years younger.

We freakin’ loved it!


At the end of our experience, Spa Termal Tlalocan offered a eucalyptus sauna, underground steam room & citrus steam facials before we headed to the restaurant to enjoy a bucket of guacamole.

If you are heading to Guadalajara or Chapala, Mexico, you must check it out!

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