How do I get Mail Service in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

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How to get Mail Service in Puerto Vallarta

In most parts of Mexico, there is no official mail delivery service to your door. The postal service in Mexico is notoriously slow & unreliable, with most packages never arriving.

But there are still ways to get packages mailed to you, it just requires a different type of effort than you would apply in the US or Canada. 

Even in the smallest villages you can usually find a Post Office; international service is all airmail & post cards take anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks to arrive. Mail service inside the country can be just as slow or unreliable, but only costs between 10-20 pesos per item weighing in at less than 20 grams.

For shipping packages you can use companies like Fedex, DHL, Estafeta & UPS. These companies are located in most major cities in Mexico & offer an office or hotel pickup with 24 hours notice. These companies are reportedly very reliable with costs as low as $30 USD for packages weighing in around ½ pound.

Included below is some general information about mail service in Puerto Vallarta. Keep in mind every location may have slightly different options:

  • Correos: Calle Colombia 1014, El Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, 48300. Phone number: +52 322-222-6308 or 01 800-701-7000. Click here for their website.
  • Mail Boxes, Etc: Ignacio L. Vallarta 130, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jalosco. Phone number: +52 322-222-2252. Here is a link to their Facebook.
  • DHL: Avendia Francisco Medina Ascencio 1046, Olímpica, 48330 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Phone number: 01 800-765-6345 or +52 322-222-4720. Click here for their website.
  • UPS PV:  Av. Francisco Villa 383, Olímpica, 48330 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Phone number: 01 322 223 3227
  • Estafeta: Lateral Libramiento Luis Donaldo Colosio #122 B, Olímpica, 48330 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Phone number: 01 322 223 2898. Click here for their website.

Tips for new residents:

  • When you move, join your local FB group and ask for recommendations on the best shippers/receivers in town. A great group for tons of information in PV is Puerto Vallarta: Everything you need or want to know.
  • Get all of your mail you can sent to you electronically.
  • Consider a private mailbox service. Most cities have private mail/package services which have a location NOB and a location locally. They provide you with the US address to use for your mail/packages and routinely (usually once weekly though there are many reports that delays should be expected) all of the mail/packages are driven down to the local office for pickup. Typically there is a subscription fee (monthly/yearly) and a per package fee based upon weight.
  • There is a great Facebook group called Mexico Mule Forum, where anyone in Mexico can ask to have something "muled" in from or out to US or Canada. You post what you need, being specific as to size and weight, and where you are in Mexico. Then if someone will be in the area they will reach out. Check it out here.

For more questions about shipping mail or packages in/outside of Mexico, send us a message! We’d love to help!

Thanks for reading!

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